Two Things You Don’t Know About New Home Construction

As a custom home builder, we have worked with countless customers on new home construction projects. There is always an excitement in the air as the customer finally gets a home that is customized and made to suit the individual or family. Yet there are two decisions that these folks are frequently not prepared to make. Do you know what they are?

Do You Want this Lot or the One Down the Street?

Selecting the right location for your new home is more important than you think. There is more to this choice than selecting the right ZIP code, neighborhood and closeness to amenities. For example, one lot will cause your home’s bedrooms to face the rising sun. If you are early risers, this is not a problem. Another lot’s setup on the same street causes the sunrise to send the first rays of light through your kitchen window. If you are a breakfast aficionado but like to sleep in occasionally, this is a great idea. In another scenario, your bedroom windows may face the street or the neighbor’s deck. Which would you prefer?

Custom Millwork, Paint Colors and Closets – oh My!

New home construction makes it possible to build a home that fulfills all of your needs and plenty of your wants. Sometimes, customers are astonished at the sheer volume of choices they get to make. This is a far cry from selecting one of three model home floor plans. Spend some time discussing such things as closet space – sizes and layouts – and millwork as well as paint schemes with your family. These are the types of decisions that you do not want to have to make by yourself and on the spot.

Working with the Right Professionals Matters

The professionals at J. Schmidt Homes understand that building your dream home calls for decisions that you may not be prepared to make right then and there. For this reason, our custom home builder walks you through the project at your pace. Enjoy the confidence of seeing your dream home take shape, one decision at a time. With an in-house realtor service, lot selection becomes a snap. We show you how your dream home will fit on the lots that you have your eye on. Once you have all the facts, making decisions is actually fun! Contact us today to start on your journey to a customized home.

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