Tips for Choosing the Finishing Touches with New Construction

When you buy a new construction home, your first considerations involve the architectural style, layout and size of the home. For many people buying new construction in Greater Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky, the new home building process culminates with the interior finishes selection. The finishing touches are often a powerful design statement that either overpowers the architectural style or enhances your vision for the home. According to an article by, design details let you express your personality. One of the special bonuses of buying a new construction home is the fact that you can control everything from the flooring in the guest bathroom to the size of the kitchen cabinet pulls. Orchestrating the details is less daunting with the help of an experienced home builder such as J. Schmidt Homes. By following a few tips, you will select the best finishing touches for your custom home.

Collecting ideas

After choosing a particular architectural style, begin collecting ideas, color samples and photographs of your favorite design features. Some of the choices you can make when building a custom home include the doors, appliances, trim, flooring, molding, countertops, cabinets, lighting and plumbing figures. Some homebuyers pull out fabric swatches for drapes to make sure the style doesn’t clash with other interior finishes. Although you don’t have to select furniture until after closing, some people like to buy the furniture for their new home to use as staging props for their current home that’s listed for sale.

Setting a budget

Talk to your homebuilder about the budget for interior design finishes. Your builder is able to get you a better deal on cabinetry, floors and other interior selections because of buying power and contacts. A new construction builder provides you with the help you need so you aren’t spending thousands of dollars on a private designer.

Staying on trend

It is important to buy kitchen backsplash materials and choose colors that are on-trend but not trendy. Trendy design features go out of style in one to two years, while someone on trend typically lasts at least a decade. For example, the modern look of stainless steel continues to shine as a home selling point even after decades of popularity.

The best advice for new homebuyers is to keep it fun when planning for a new construction home. By sticking to classic details, you preserve your home’s value. At J. Schmidt Homes, we take pride being a custom home builder who helps clients in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area. For more information on design detail ideas for your custom home, please contact us.

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