New Home Construction: Is an Open Floor Plan Right for You?

Are you in the process of working with a designer on your new home construction? If so, then certainly this can be an exciting process, but what you’ve also probably noticed by this point is that there are so many decisions to be made. When it comes to your main living spaces, your designer probably wants to know whether you’d like an open or closed floor plan. While open floor plans are extremely popular in new builds today, it’s a good idea to weigh the potential pros and cons before you decide what’s best for your needs.

Pro: More Conducive to Entertaining

Perhaps the biggest advantage of an open floor plan is that it’s more conducive to entertaining; when you have people over, people in the kitchen can easily communicate with people in the living room and vice versa. Furthermore, with an open floor plan, the space doesn’t feel disjointed like a closed floor plan often does.

Con: Less Privacy and More Noise

Of course, fewer walls in an open space also means less privacy and more noise, especially when you’re not entertaining guests. Because there are fewer walls in an open space, sounds will have a greater capacity to travel and echo. If you’re the type of person who values your privacy/peace and quiet, then you may want to think twice before opting for an open floor plan home.

Pro: Better Sight Lines Throughout Home

Many parents of small children enjoy open floor plans because they give moms and dads the ability to keep an eye on their children more easily. For example, mom or dad may be in the kitchen preparing dinner, but can still have sight lines to the children playing in the living room or dining area. The same simply cannot be said of a closed floor plan.

Con: More Challenging to Decorate

Finally, open floor plans can be slightly more challenging to decorate. Because an open floor plan consists of separate living spaces that blend together, finding a way to incorporate a seamless design from one space to the next proves difficult for some homeowners. It may be necessary to bring in an interior design specialist to help make the right decisions in this regard.

Still not sure if an open floor plan is right for you? Have further questions about your new home design? We invite you to contact us today for the professional assistance you’re looking for.

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