Interviewing Custom Home Builders? Ask About Custom Millwork!

If you are thinking of building your dream home from scratch, you are in good company. Plenty of folks are looking for a custom home builder to make their dreams of the ideal family home become a reality. Yet before you sign on the dotted line with the first professional who sends a flyer to your address, ask about custom millwork.

Why Millwork?

It seems like such a small thing. After all, molding and paneling is something that you pick up at the big box home improvement store. Rarely does a homeowner consider the impact of bed molding or crown molding on the overall look and feel of a home. Yet it is the serious custom home builder who realizes that paying attention to these details makes a huge difference in the overall satisfaction you experience with your new home after moving in.

Is Molding Really a Big Deal?

Did you know that shelf edge molding is something your home builder can put over the built-in book shelf edges that you commissioned for the family room? Customize the look to help set the tone for the room. Do you favor a minimalist approach? Perhaps you like a more ornate appearance that goes with your ranch-style décor. This very same shelf edge molding is also used to affix your screen to the screen door. When your porch opens up to the family room, using this same customized millwork is an excellent method of providing visual continuity of the look and putting your personality into another aspect of the structure.

Why work with a builder who does not worry too much about the custom millwork? When you decide that it is time to see your home dream become a reality, work with someone who considers the details of the job. At J. Schmidt Homes, we handle all the custom aspects of your home construction. From the size of the home to its location and budget (and the millwork), our professionals work hard to transform your dream into a reality. Contact us today for more information and to get started on your design.


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