4 Tips for Keeping Residential Remodeling Projects on Budget and on Time

As experts in the residential remodeling and custom home building business, the pros at J. Schmidt Homes understand that adherence to a strict budget and timeline are crucial aspects of a successful project. In fact, we have discovered that there are four tips that keep virtually all home remodels on time as well as on budget.

Decide on the Details Early On

You want to remodel the guest bathroom. Great! Staying on budget can be as simple as discussing ahead of time if you want to go for a designer look that commercially available materials can offer or if you want to use custom-made products from local artisans. These details affect the budget of your project and – to a certain degree – the timeline.

Plan on Surprises

Adding an extra ten to 20 percent to your budget is always a good idea. This is even more important when you are undertaking home remodels because of fire or water damage. In addition to the obvious damage done to your property, there is the hidden damage that does not immediately become obvious until we open up walls or remove soiled materials.

Keep it Inexpensive but not Cheap

There is a huge difference between buying cheap materials and opting for inexpensive ones. The latter offer you a great value for the money. We routinely work with our clients to get excellent deals on a wide variety of remodeling or new construction materials. Since we have been in business for a long time, we have built countless relationships in the industry and know to anticipate bargains before other contractors do.

Stick to the Plan (as much as possible)

There will be times when you change your mind. You walk through the eclectic home goods store and simply fall in love with a vintage sink, a claw foot tub or the type of stove that your grandmother had in the old country. No problem! Yet when you change your mind on design plans quite frequently, you rack up extras to your budget. In addition, these changes take time to realize, which makes it difficult to stick to the timeline.

We know that you have plenty of questions about residential remodeling and project budgeting. Contact us today for more information on these and our other services.

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