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Home Builder in Union Village, Warren County Ohio

J. Schmidt Homes is one of the builders for “Union Village”, a new community in Warren County Ohio. Interested in living in this new community? Click here to learn more about Union Village and get pre-sales information.

We’re building in Union Village! Check out our latest new home construction:

Your location, your size, your budget… your custom home.

With J. Schmidt Homes, “custom” means customized to fit your lifestyle including size, location and budget.  J. Schmidt Homes consistently delivers quality custom homes that are built clean, complete and on time.

Custom Size
We’ll build your home to fit your needs. No size restrictions or limitations.

Custom Location
We’ll build your home where you want to live. No location restrictions or limitations.

Custom Budget
We’ll build your home within your budget. No price restrictions or limitations. At J. Schmidt Homes, we believe your custom home should be exactly that… a home customized to meet your needs, wants and budget. We have experience building in all sizes and price ranges and would be happy to meet to discuss your needs.



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